At Zonke Energy we innovate because we have to, not because it’s fashionable.

In South Africa nearly two million people live in settlements without formal access to the grid, with more joining every day seeking the opportunities found in major cities. These customers represent an immense level of purchasing power, but are difficult to reach due to geography, economic exclusion, and strong historical forces. Our innovation focuses on making it easier for us and our partners to reach these communities with life changing services. Below are just a few of the ways we’re lighting up South Africa.

Kunye Payments

Many of our customers are outside the formal banking sector. Reaching them requires building new tools and integrations to connect them with our platform. Kunye Payments is our suite of integrations and partnerships with some of the leading payment platforms in South Africa. Kunye makes it easy for our customers to engage with our service using vouchers, debit cards or mobile money.

Insika Flat-Pack

Informal settlements can be incredibly dense, making traditional PV building techniques extremely challenging. They can also be prone to theft. Our unique flat-pack mounting structure makes it easy to rapidly deploy PV and supporting hardware in a secure package. And once installed, we partner with local households and leaders to build trust and ownership to further secure infrastructure.

Purpose-Built Metering

Our metering and distribution system is purpose-built for congested environments, where safety and security are of utmost importance. It’s also designed with flexibility in mind, with a host of billing and tariff structures available to suit the needs of customers and utilities alike. And of course it’s built for the cloud from the ground up, making updates a snap and giving granular visibility to operators, who must ensure constant uptime and low maintenance costs.


Seamless operations are critical for any off-grid utility, where affordability drives every decision. Our Lykglas platform makes it easy for operators to understand what’s happening, onboard new customers, and manage payments. We’re also pioneering customer data management by building an intuitive dashboard for our clients to understand their energy use and take control of their expenses.